Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Questions at AMSTI Math Leadership Symposium

Do primary school teachers in Singapore teach more than one subject?

Singapore primary teachers are trained to teach more than one subject (two or three subjects). See details at National Institute of Education. Typically, a teacher teaches more than one subjects, especially at lower grade levels. In some cases, especially at higher grade levels some teachers may teach multiple classes of the same subject. Teachers teaching Mother Tongue, Music, Art and Physical Education are more likely to be teaching only one subject. It is only at secondary level that teachers specialize somewhat (two teaching subjects).

Other than English and Mathematics which are core subjects other subjects include Science, Mother Tongue Language as well as non-examinable subjects like Art, Music, P.E., Social Studies, Health Education, Civics and Moral Education and a host of other programs such as Porgram for Active Learning (PAL).

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