Saturday, September 3, 2011

Graduate Research on Singapore Math

I am a Prep teacher in a school in the Philippines. Our school has adapted Singapore Math for the past four years. I am currently doing a paper on Singapore Math at a university in Manila.

I wish to ask you if there are any materials, readings, or websites that you can recommend?


Ms. Patricia

Dear Patricia

Actually Singapore Math is based on learning theories. If you are doing a paper on Singapore Math you should be reading Bruner's theories on representations and spiral curriculum, also on Piaget's ideas on how children learn, Dienes theory of variability, Skemp's ideas on relational and instrumental understanding, and show how Singapore Math is consistent with learning theories.

If you are doing empirical research, there is a large number of areas you can research on e.g. how concrete materials help Prep children progress to pictorial and symbolic representations.

I will be happy to read your final paper.

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