Sunday, April 5, 2009

Classroom Management

I've been using your method so far and it is amazing how kids learn, but there is a problem in the Chilean concept of discipline. Chilean kids tend to be very immature.

Carola, a teacher in Chile

It is often said that classrrom management problem will disappear when kids are engaged in the learning process. Hopefully with time, when the kids are engaged they will be better in the class, in terms of discipline. But my personal experience with teaching four research lessons in Chile was very good. Besides my observation that some kids in the public schols do not develop basic skills such as addition well enough, they are otherwise fantastic - just like kids in Singapore and everywhere.
In Singapore schools, discipline is emphasized. We still have difficult cases with a small number of students.
The photograph show a demonstration lesson done in Chile for a seminar organized by Ministry of Education Chile. The fourth graders were doing an exercise on pictorial and symbolic representations of fractions. Despite the language barrier, I did not find the kids difficult to manage. The Minister of Education opened the seminar.

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