Sunday, February 14, 2010

Implementing Singapore Math & PD

Can you tell me more about the professional development programm for teachers?

This is an exciting year as far as PD is concerned. You may read about lesson study in Singapore at I will also write more on this in a separate entry on a later date.

Suffice to say Ministry of Education in Singapore place a lot of emphasis on professional development. There is a position (called staff developer) in schools where the person (head of department level) is in-charge of professional development of his / her colleagues. This person is one of the head teachers.

What are the things that we must me aware about when we're implementing the program at our schools?

Three things you may want to take note of:

It is best to start from the lower grades. Unless the students have a strong foundation, they may not cope well with the textbooks (which includes challenging problems) if they start in, say, grade five. The teachers also have an easier time adapting to the pedagogy.

Support from the principal and school leaders is very important.

Professional development of teachers must be considered.